The Journey Home…

I was 8 years old when I first used a computer. It might not seem like a big deal today where toddlers operate iPads like pros. It definitely was a big deal in 1984 , when my father got me an AT/XT. The orange monochrome monitor with its floppy drives and the blinking cursor waiting... Continue Reading →

Hi Goliath, I’m David !

What I love about the technology industry is the paradox of it being enduring and fickle. History's littered with the graves of once successful technology companies - and then there are those that keep reinventing themselves to stay at top of the game. What seems romantic to me is the once-too-often appearance of a David to... Continue Reading →

I Am….Polymath!

The uniquely identifiable Black Sabbath's "I am Iron Man" riff plays in the background as I restart my blog posts after almost 4 years. I recently read an article by Rahul @matthan in the Mint that really piqued my interest. He wrote about the need for "Polymaths" in today's world. Intrigued by his argument I... Continue Reading →

Technology of Religion

Over the last decade or so, Technology and Internet have been instrumental in breaking down boundaries of communication as well as lowering the friction associated with doing business. Industries like Sports & Entertainment definitely hold immense promise for technology companies to provide solutions that would help businesses(like/aka sports) to reach out to fans. Providing a... Continue Reading →

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