To Divide is To Conquer. Brands, Assemble.

The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts - Aristotle. Over the decades of my career, there are 2 business leaders I have really admired and followed their industry quite passionately. One of them is Sir Martin Sorrell and the other one-I-will-blog-about-later 😉 These two are my professional inspirations. Hint - these two... Continue Reading →

Hi Goliath, I’m David !

What I love about the technology industry is the paradox of it being enduring and fickle. History's littered with the graves of once successful technology companies - and then there are those that keep reinventing themselves to stay at top of the game. What seems romantic to me is the once-too-often appearance of a David to... Continue Reading →

I Am….Polymath!

The uniquely identifiable Black Sabbath's "I am Iron Man" riff plays in the background as I restart my blog posts after almost 4 years. I recently read an article by Rahul @matthan in the Mint that really piqued my interest. He wrote about the need for "Polymaths" in today's world. Intrigued by his argument I... Continue Reading →

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