I Am….Polymath!

The uniquely identifiable Black Sabbath's "I am Iron Man" riff plays in the background as I restart my blog posts after almost 4 years. I recently read an article by Rahul @matthan in the Mint that really piqued my interest. He wrote about the need for "Polymaths" in today's world. Intrigued by his argument I... Continue Reading →

Beliefs that Bind, Values that Tear.

I recently read a very interesting article at hbr.Couldnt help but writing about it a bit (maybe it's just drivel) http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/01/when-your-values-clash-with-yo/While the article does talk about the context of values when one is a manager - my perspective is completely tangential (albeit not too different).There have been many articles, whitepapers & the mba case-studies which we... Continue Reading →

Privately Speaking.

BOSE, Cargill, Mars(yep-the candy one), ToysRus, SAS, McKinsey, Forbes, Levis, Del Monte Foods, Bausch & Lomb, and soon-to-be DELL. They all have one thing in common. They are all PRIVATELY held SUCCESSFUL companies.  Yep. You read that correctly. These companies are not listed in any stock market in the world - and most of them... Continue Reading →

Technology of Religion

Over the last decade or so, Technology and Internet have been instrumental in breaking down boundaries of communication as well as lowering the friction associated with doing business. Industries like Sports & Entertainment definitely hold immense promise for technology companies to provide solutions that would help businesses(like/aka sports) to reach out to fans. Providing a... Continue Reading →

I like to consider my self a technology practitioner and a dedicated follower of tech fashion (inspired by Ray Davies) In technology, there is a set of people/customers categorized as early adopter. That's what I am. From digital cameras to iPods to android phones. You name it - I got the first release. Which is... Continue Reading →

Offline to Online Digital Log

As I start of my digital log, what better way to storm online than an inventory of my  tech possessions. It should give a perspective of my qualifications to comment on personal usage of technology. Computing 2 Desktop PC 3 Laptops 1 IBM XT 8086 Mobile Computing 1 iPhone 3G 1 iPhone 4s 1 iPad... Continue Reading →

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