Beliefs that Bind, Values that Tear.

I recently read a very interesting article at hbr.Couldnt help but writing about it a bit (maybe it’s just drivel)

While the article does talk about the context of values when one is a manager – my perspective is completely tangential (albeit not too different).

There have been many articles, whitepapers & the mba case-studies which we have done around ‘culture’ of an organization. But in the real world whenever i talk to friends, many of them are conflicted when they have to do something for the organization that is not aligned to their value system. It’s a Utopian wish to have your personal value system aligned to the organization’s.

Example, many are not comfortable in firing employees as they inherently believe everyone is capable – but at different things. Maybe a redeployment would be a better strategy. Or even simpler things like honesty with colleagues & customers. Schmoozing to get your way – just because the job demands it. conniving to get the next promotion or big deal….

The HBR article brings out the example of ‘Sales’. Well, having a value clash and being in sales is probably an oxymoron !!!!

But thats just me. 

Bottom line i think, stay true to your values and just be yourself. It’s all that you can do – and its all that will ensure success in professional and personal endeavors. 


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