Technology of Religion

Over the last decade or so, Technology and Internet have been instrumental in breaking down boundaries of communication as well as lowering the friction associated with doing business.

Industries like Sports & Entertainment definitely hold immense promise for technology companies to provide solutions that would help businesses(like/aka sports) to reach out to fans. Providing a strong channel for tickets, brands, loyalty and sales.

But when an analyst of a premier technology research firm talked to me about “Religion” being a vertical to drive technology business growth, I was pleasantly amused. But when he started giving me stats/examples and talked about the business opportunity I sat up and listened. It is SERIOUS business to say the least.

After the meeting i did some thinking and research on my own.

Let me see

– A leading yoga practitioner in India has an eCommerce site selling his herbal ware. (am not including the western yoga gurus here. they are business driven anyway IMO).

– Tirupati temple has an eAuction site for selling ‘hair’ and an eProcurement site

– On the Shirdi temple site you can pay for rooms, darshan or make a donation online.

– Pope’s twitter handle has 3Million followers

– Dalai Lama’s twitter handle has 7.6Million ! (I am one of them)

– There are companies having Church administration and temple management software !

– A friend of mine runs a Music CD eCommerce site and tells me that the highest selling category is Religious songs,chants,bhajans etc.

– There are iPhone and Google Play apps across all religious faiths

– I remember watching TV when i was small and see advertisements for people to call in to pledge donations etc.  !

– Every Diwali, my friends in North America and Europe scour the net for procedure of doing a pooja !

These things really did put things in perspective for me.

So lets see, where does this put technology

ERP = Religious foundations can use this software for managing their resources like real estate (ashrams or temples or mosques or churches). Financials of ERP to manage your cash flows, tax deductions etc !

CRM = Connect with followers ! Keep a track of those loyal followers who are good donaters !

Internet = provide a medium to connect for selling, donation, community building

Twitter = Most effective mass communication channel to connect with your followers , and influence their thought process.

Analytics = This is real BIG DATA Man ! Imagine the entire population of the world is your prospect and your customer. Sentiment analysis, demographic views, financial analysis…….

The list can go on. But yes it is a HUGE opportunity.

I wonder if these institutions have a CIO !



Well Technology is my Religion.

BTW…I hope i havent hurt any religious sentiments.

But then, God is OK with it. After all, if he isnt forgiving – then who is.

Peace out.

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