I like to consider my self a technology practitioner and a dedicated follower of tech fashion (inspired by Ray Davies)
In technology, there is a set of people/customers categorized as early adopter. That’s what I am. From digital cameras to iPods to android phones. You name it – I got the first release.

Which is why wearable computing really fascinates me.
After my annual decision to get in shape, I decided to get myself a Jawbone UP. Looked at Nike Fuel and Sony watches but settled on UP as it monitors my favourite exercise  – sleeping.
It definitely brings in a cool factor once you wear it.
But just like exercise, the most important factor for effective use of this gadget is DISCIPLINE.
First a quick love/detest review

1. Fairly accurate in measuring steps
2. Awesome in measuring sleep patterns . It really helped me avoid stuff at night that make me restless in my sleep.
3. Sharing stats and goals with your buddies really pushes you to be better
4. Integration with MyFitnessPlan app which I use to count my calories.
5. The nap mode and the move-your-butt-u-have-been-idle-for-long mode is a great feature. The soft buzz on your wrist really slaps you hard in your gut.

1. Does get stuck in my clothes many times , so it’s a little bothersome
2. I don’t enjoy plugging it into my iPhone each time i need to download the readings
3. Myself for either forgetting to wear it after a shower or forgetting to switch to

Would -love-to-have
1. Since it measures my pulse, it would be great for it to monitor my BP etc (not sure if it is possible)
2. A little more predictive capability in the app to help me plan my day better.
3. Wireless connectivity features.
I sleep like a Log !

The above shows my sleeping pattern….really helps me see whats the relation between what i ate – and how i slept.

Louvre Walk

I walked a lot at Louvre in Paris – and really hit my goal in terms of steps that day ! Wish everyday was like that.

While I love the device, the utility provided by it needs to improve a lot more for it to become indispensable.

While it is still first generation, the market for these devices is set to explode.

Bring them on ! I am waiting.

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